When you think of someone who has a bodyguard or private security detail the first thing that comes to mind are likely celebrities and public figures. However, everyday individuals have security too. Here is why customized security guard services are on the rise in the ATL.

Our Growing Entertainment Scene 
Los Angels and New York are no longer the only places you will find A-list actors living full-time or part-time while filming but also the Atlanta area. Now the third most popular place to film, and the fastest growing place to film both TV and movies—there is an increased need for private security.

Our Growing Corporate Presence
Above and beyond the entertainment industry our city has become a hot spot for innovation across a variety of industries. With a growing corporate presence and many high-earning executives from multi-million dollar local and global corporations, everyday security is required.

Tourism Is On The Rise
Atlanta has always been a desirable place to travel to, but the influx of entertainment and industry has more high profile foreign nationals heading to Atlanta to see what all the buzz is about. Many come for a vacation or a quick business trip and return time and time again. While in town security helps to improve peace of mind.

An Increased Security Need
There is a multitude of reasons why an everyday person may require short-term or ongoing personal security. Maybe they are a child of a public figure, maybe they have recently made the news or gone viral, or maybe they are a victim of a crime. These are all reasons why someone who has never considered customized security services may find themselves seeking out a bodyguard.

The team at CDI Protection has over 19 years’ experience in the military and law enforcement. Whatever your security needs maybe we have you covered!