Almost every shopping mall has security in place, as well as most Atlanta corporations. While your in-house team may do a stellar job, there are times that you may need to increase your security at a moment’s notice. Here are 3 times you should consider giving your retail center or corporate security a boost.

A New Opening
If a highly anticipated store or business is opening their doors you must expect a higher than usual volume of traffic. This means that your usual number of guards won’t be able to provide adequate security to all areas of your building. No need to onboard new team members or put your current team into overtime, as you can just add temporary security from CDI Protection.

Highly Anticipated Event
If you will be hosting an on-site event at your corporate headquarters, having a high-profile guest or speaker, hosting an after-hours event at your retail store, or hosting a major sale event (like Black Friday) you will need more security on hand for situational awareness, traffic control, and general security. This might include more security in the parking lot, entrances, VIP areas, and spread throughout—as well as a private security detail for high-profile guests or high-ticket merchandise.

In Times Of Crisis Or Positive Press
If your business, building or one of your restaurants or retailers has recently made the news or is attracting an unusual amount of attention—there may be a short-term need for a boost in security. In times of crisis, businesses who don’t typically have any security in place may need a small, or expansive, security detail. Even in times of positive press local fanatics can become overwhelming, to both your staff and your patrons.

The team at CDI Protection is here to provide Atlanta corporations and retail centers with the scheduled and last-minute security they required. Reach out today to discuss a custom security plan.