If you’re interested in hiring a service to place security guards on-site for your business in Atlanta, CDI Protection is ready to help.  You may be wondering: what kind of benefits come with a coordinated security patrol?  The bottom line is that our trained professionals will use their experience to fill the gaps in your existing security system and maintain an atmosphere of protection through their vigilance and presence.  In some situations, additional security measures are necessary. A dedicated security patrol is your best bet for conventions and other big events.

Unpredictable Consistency
If the movies have taught us anything, it’s that the routine of security guards should be varied from time-to-time.  This inconsistency increases the security of the patrol and better protects your Atlanta business.  Even though your security detail will often change patterns, they will still keep watch over every location that they have been delegated to; the goal is to reduce the risk of targeted, timed breaches involving top crimes like theft and vandalism.

Observation and Patrol Visibility
It is our job to keep a close eye on everything.  Potential threats come in many forms; for this reason, our security guards will even observe your guests!  Your profits and employees’ safety are at risk. It’s extremely important to have a fresh pair of eyes to check for security gaps.  Our trained professionals can spot blind spots in security cameras, behavioral red flags, and more.

Sometimes, the greatest deterrent to fraudulent and criminal activity is the mere presence of uniformed security guards.  At CDI Protection, we know the value of security detail. We place our security guards front and center; they will observe your business operations from visible locations and report to you with any malicious findings.

Security Guards and Atlanta Businesses

At each security patrol, our guards will check all entrances and exits, verify camera placement, and make sure your security protocols are being followed by employees and guests.  The security guards at CDI Protection know how to augment your systems that are already in place; we’re available to help you increase your level of protection and provide suggestions for continued security.

Additionally, our highly-trained security guards know how to deescalate situations and provide assistance in emergencies. These are critical skills that will be extremely helpful if an issue arises on-site for your Atlanta business.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today; schedule a free consultation to discuss your company’s security needs!