We Keep Atlanta Construction
Sites Secure

Active construction sites, vacant buildings, remote building sites, and the warehouses you store your equipment and supplies in are uniquely vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and liability insurance claims. With construction equipment theft at an all-time high, on-site construction security is more important now than ever. With over 19 years’ experience in the military, law enforcement, and security—CDI Protection will keep your construction site, equipment, and storage facilities secure.

More Than Just Patrolling

With the local upswing in construction equipment theft, having someone on-site to keep an eye on things is no longer enough. Instead, you need a trained and tenured team of security experts who know how to respond in the event of an incident—not just someone who will dial 911.

Our team doesn’t just patrol your storage facilities and construction sites, but keeps their eyes and ears open for suspicious activity of any kind—and documents even minor incidents and activities such as loitering and parked vehicles that seem out of place.

We reduce the risk of both internal and external theft, and keep a close eye on the essential equipment and materials required to get your job done on time.