Atlanta small businesses have been extremely resilient the past couple of years, persevering through riots, an uptick in shoplifting, an increase in robberies, and more. It’s also been more difficult to properly staff and run local businesses. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of hiring retail security guards for your Atlanta small or medium-sized business.

Why Atlanta Businesses Should Hire Retail Security Guards:

#1: They Can Prevent Robberies

The mere presence of a security guard will deter crime within your retail small business. Security guards are known for remembering details extremely well, and many of them have nonlethal, yet damaging, methods for taking down perpetrators. Security guards, in the event of a robbery at your Atlanta retail business, can make the perpetrator’s goal much more difficult. Additionally, since they are trained in de-escalation, security guards can often resolve a conflict before it elevates.

#2: Retail Security Guards Prevent Shoplifting

Shoplifting occurs most commonly when there is decreased visibility in the corners and aisles of your Atlanta small business. Cameras tend to help but are retroactive in their efforts. Luckily, security guards are a present source of detection and protection; if they suspect someone may shoplift (based on clothing, body language, and positioning), they can stay within visual range to deter this behavior.

#3: To Monitor Cashiers of Your Atlanta Small Business

Times have been hard recently, and while it’s inexcusable, the temptation to steal from cash registers has only increased. Regardless of how much you trust your cashiers, you should always consider the possibility that they could steal from you. Security guards can help where cameras can’t – catching someone in the act. Furthermore, cashiers will be less likely to steal, in the moment, if they know they are being watched.

#4: Security Guards Monitor for Loss

Even if your customers aren’t stealing, you may still be having a stocking problem. While you may not want to consider that your employees may be stealing from you, it’s always a possibility. Retail security guards keep an eye on everything, without discrimination. If one of your security guards notices that an employee is stealing from your stock, you will be informed directly.

#5: Retail Security Supplies Additional Eyes

In the event of a shoplifting or robbery incident, it can be difficult for cashiers and other employees to remember details about the perpetrator. Luckily, security guards are specifically trained to take note of an individual’s height, weight, clothing, voice, and any other distinguishing features that may help an officer or investigator. Never underestimate the value of an additional witness – especially one who is specifically trained for this task.

How to Hire Retail Security Guards in Atlanta

Hiring retail security guards is a simple process. First, get in touch with a security company like us here at CDI Protection in Atlanta. We will discuss your small business’s needs in detail during a free consultation, then let you decide how to proceed. Our security guards are highly-trained and specialized in retail security; you can rely on them to keep your investments safe.  Get in touch with our team of security experts today.