As you’re probably already aware, construction sites are much like an investment. You have to buy materials, store heavy equipment on the job site, and each worker is worth thousands of dollars to you, especially when they are working within a tight timeframe.  For these reasons, it makes sense that most site managers and the companies that hire them would be concerned with construction site security. If your tools, materials, and people aren’t safe on their job site in Atlanta, you might need to consider hiring private security guards.

What Is Construction Site Security?

Construction site security exists to help you protect your investment.  Depending on the extent to which you want to reinforce your job site, you have several options.  Here at CDI Protection, we recommend that you use a combination of security efforts, including security guards and cameras.  However, camera installations aren’t always cost-effective for job sites.  In cases like these, you’ll need to rely more heavily on security guards to help you protect your tools, equipment, materials, and the integrity of the structure itself.

Why Do I Need Construction Site Security?

To Prevent Equipment and Material Theft 

You’ve spent thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in raw materials for this new or remodeled structure in Atlanta.  There are people out there who realize the potential that lies in the theft of these goods.  If you want to keep your tools, equipment, and materials safe, you should invest in a private security team that can keep an eye on everything at all times of the day.

To Prevent Vandalism of the Structure

“Artists” don’t just vandalize existing structures; in fact, a security-free job site is prime real estate for those with spray paint and free time.  Additionally, there are other ways that your job site could be vandalized: broken windows, smashed concrete, and broken hinges and fixtures.  The best way to avoid vandalism is to have someone watch the site at all times.  Trained security guards are a natural fit for this job.

To Protect Your Job Site Workers

While there are usually plenty of eyes available and alert on a construction site during the daytime, there’s still the potential for issues.  Security guards are highly trained individuals that can help your construction project run smoothly in a number of ways.  For example, security guards may pick up on the fact that one of your workers is under the influence, endangering others by being on the job site.  

A security guard may also notice if outsiders are scoping out the job site for potential theft in the near future.  Furthermore, CDI Protection’s security guards are trained in rapid response for emergency situations; they can help you get a handle on serious situations while law enforcement is on the way.

Security Guards for Construction Site Security in Atlanta

Like parking lots, construction sites require additional security measures. Do you need to hire security guards for your construction site in Atlanta?  Contact the security experts here at CDI Protection; we can help you determine the scale of protection that you need and schedule shifts to help you protect your investment.