Are you starting to feel the world returning to normal? Across the country, vaccine rates are increasing and mask mandates are loosening. Before we know it, COVID-19 will be a distant memory and conventions will be returning shortly. Is your Atlanta business ready to start planning large gatherings for the public?

What Happens After COVID?

It seems a strange notion that life could ever go back to normal, but this is where we are headed! Prior to the pandemic, conventions, business conferences, and trade shows were all regular events. It’s likely that, in 2022, we’ll start to see these major events return – and these events need security. Whether your event would like to enforce mask wearing or simply be ready for any emergencies, CDI Protection can help.

Convention Security

Regardless of the type of convention, guests feel safer and more secure at your event when security guards are present and keeping an eye out for trouble. From entry and exit point monitoring to the efficient handling of emergencies, CDI Protection security guards are highly-trained professionals. Our security personnel will arrive dressed in identifiable uniform so that they stand out and are available for assistance.

Conference Security

Are you hosting a manager’s conference or other large business event next year? If so, it’s a good idea to hire private security to help monitor your event and keep it closed to the public. Additionally, the presence of trained security guards at your event will deter crime and facilitate quicker response in the event of an emergency. CDI Protection security guards are well-versed in augmenting the security systems already in place at hotels and other host locations

Trade Show Security

Trade shows will likely be returning in 2022, as well! The AV Industry and other tech sectors have held off on displaying new technology in person due to COVID-19; the first few shows after COVID are likely to be extremely busy and popular. Trade show booths are generally good at securing their displays, but having security guards available to keep an eye out for theft is never a bad idea.

Why CDI Protection?

Big events are coming back to Atlanta! Make sure your business is ready for the arrival of guests and clients by hiring a highly-trained security detail for your convention, conference, or trade show. To schedule a free consultation and get a free quote for your event, visit our website today!