If something goes south in or around your business, residential complex, or parking lot, sometimes a 911 request can take too long to respond to your issue. In a big city, it’s important to understand the inherent limitations of the police force, respect that, and call upon their services only when absolutely necessary. Luckily, additional security measures are available for hire and installation to help protect your business from threats.

How Do I Know if My Atlanta SMB Needs Additional Security?

Atlanta is a big city, and law enforcement in big cities usually struggles to keep up with crime and calls. While this isn’t always true, it certainly can be true for our city; for this reason, we highly recommend that businesses in at-risk areas employ the services of private security. These services not only fill in the gaps in response time but also deter crime in their own right. Let’s take a look at the difference between law enforcement and private security as you consider how to best address this issue for your own Atlanta small business.

Two Types of Security for Your Small Business

Private Security Guards

As the name implies, private security is a hired service that any business or individual can employ. Private security services often include the presence of highly-trained security guards, but can also include services such as camera and entry point monitoring and installations. For example, here at CDI Protection, we offer security guard installations, loss prevention audits, and private investigation services. Depending upon the needs of your business, a security firm will develop and present a unique set of services that will help keep your business and its clients safe.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is a very reaction-based security method. Someone has to both see and call in a threat or problem for the issue to be addressed. Furthermore, in a large city like Atlanta, response times might leave a little bit to be desired – especially if there is a lot at stake. On the other hand, law enforcement officers are trained to use and carry weapons that can wound and disable threats. Even if you have onsite security, you may also need to call the police if there is a legitimate threat to your clients. As always, that call is yours to make – just keep in mind that your customers and clients may also call upon the police as well.

Why CDI Protection Security Guards?

Here at CDI Protection, we train our security guards to the highest standards. Every guard wears a distinguishable uniform and is ready for many types of situations; we can even help you identify and prevent loss within your company! However, the utility doesn’t end there. CDI security guards are trained on how to handle emergencies and natural disasters, and they are able to usher patrons to safety.

Are you curious about what kind of security installation is right for your business? Give the security professionals at CDI protection a call today – we’ll help you figure out how to keep your business safe and secure.