Security Services For Special Events And
Community Events In Atlanta.

Special events, private parties, and community events have unique security needs. Even if your event’s venue provides basic security, you may be in need of an elevated risk management and a loss prevention plan. CDI Protection provides custom-tailored security services that take into consideration factors such as crowd control, emergency evacuation, venue layout, the number of guests in attendance, the VIP guest list, and more. With over 19 years working in security, the military, and law enforcement—we are a name you can trust.

No Event Is Too Large Or Small

Whether you are hosting an invitation-only event for a select group of high profile attendees, or need a full-scale security plan for your concert, convention, community festival, parade, corporate party, or black-tie event—we have you covered.

Our guards can arrive armed or unarmed, and provide security everywhere you need—entrances, exits, perimeters, parking lots, valets, VIP areas, line management, event-wide surveillance, and more. Our trained and tenured team is easily identifiable by their security uniform and marked vehicles, though we can also operate a bit more “under the radar” as your event’s eyes and ears. We work with your event venue to ensure that we have the access we need without disrupting their simultaneous events or patrons who are enjoying other areas of the venue.

A security breach can create the need for a last-minute emergency response security detail, even in the midst of your special event. Utilize our on-call services to increase your current security measures, or to provide your temporary security needs. For ongoing security and risk management, we always suggest a proactive scheduled team.