If you’re the owner or manager of a small business in Atlanta, you’ll know that security is a fairly serious concern, especially after the destructive local protesting and rioting of the past few years. While doing research on security guards and the services that offer them, you may come across something called a “security report.” Or, perhaps, if you’ve already employed the services of security guards, you’ve already received a security report or two. In this post, we’ll take a look at the different parts of a security report and why it’s such an important piece of documentation.

The Different Parts of a Security Report

Who Was Involved?

The “who” section will be a detailed description of each individual involved in the incident. The security report may also note who else was working during the event but may not describe them in detail. This information will help validate to law enforcement who they need to interview. Notations about body language, someone’s height, weight, and other distinguishing features will probably all be in the security report. 

What Happened & How?

This is a section dedicated to every movement the security guards picked up on. The security report will include a “play-by-play” of the events during the incident and maybe even those before or after the event.

When Did This All Happen?

An exact time is often given for when the incident began as well as when it ended. This information is critical, especially if a perpetrator escaped or if someone was harmed or fatally wounded. Security guards are trained to note the time of an incident, observe, and act.

Where Did This Happen?

This segment will describe, in detail, where the reported incident took place. This serves as framing information to set the scene – especially for Atlanta law enforcement officers once they arrive on the scene.

Why Did This Take Place?

This bit of information is specifically useful for the business owner. It gives them solid evidence to act upon in order to prevent an incident like this from occurring in the future. Sometimes, as the invested party, it can be impossible to admit that there are flaws in the way you run your Atlanta business. A neutral third party, like security guards, can help in these situations.

The Purpose of a Security Report

As we’ve mentioned above, the security report has a two-fold purpose. First, to serve as an official document that can be relied upon for legal evidence, insurance claims, protecting your Atlanta business’s reputation, and protecting the security guards themselves. A security report can also help you, the Atlanta business owner, identify issues with your current processes that need to be addressed.

Hire Security Guards in Atlanta

Security guards are a hired, neutral party. Combined with the fact that security guards can react to situations and de-escalate otherwise dangerous predicaments, these officers are an invaluable part of any small business team. If you’re looking for a security guard company that is dedicated to your small business’s safety, contact the team at CDI Protection today!