Before you hire a security patrol service, you may be wondering if this type of system will work for your Atlanta business.  We have already mentioned in a <previous post> how security guards are effective at reducing crimes like theft and vandalism; regardless of what niche your company falls under, private security can only make your business safer.  Furthermore, businesses that hire external security patrols tend to see higher policy compliance rates from employees.

Who Could Use Patrols?

Any business with unattended valuable property will need security guards available around the clock; in addition, any businesses that are seeing <profit loss> could benefit from personnel trained in this area.  The bottom line is that if you’re a business in Atlanta, your security can only be improved by hiring a dedicated team; at CDI Security, we pair you with highly-trained professionals that will stay on your patrol.  These security guards will quickly become part of your trusted team, essential to running your business.

What Are the Different Types of Patrols?

Generally speaking, a patrol is simply the observation of a defined area for a specified amount of time.  Depending on the area’s size, vehicles may be used to patrol a location; bikes, motorcycles, and cars may be employed for sites too large to reasonably traverse on foot.  The most common type of patrol we offer at CDI Protection is the foot patrol, mainly because most businesses aren’t large enough to warrant any type of vehicle.  College campuses and large schools may benefit from either a greater number of guards or guards that drive vehicles.

What Does a Patrol Look Like?

The main purpose of a security patrol, by foot or by vehicle, is to make security guards visible to potential threats.  In addition to this major deterrent, trained guards are able to augment the local police force, act on certain crimes, inspect other aspects of your security system, and assist in emergency situations.  At CDI Protection, we know the importance of variety and unpredictability from a patrol team; we train our guards to change up the routine just enough to dissuade planned break-ins.

Security guard services are more important now than they’ve ever been; with mask requirements and other social distance policies, many companies are hiring security guards simply to increase policy compliance.  Even if your Atlanta business hasn’t had to fight with customers and employees on this yet, it makes sense to protect your assets more carefully amidst job instability and wage cuts.  Take the extra step to secure your company’s future by hiring a private security patrol; to learn more or schedule a free consultation, contact us today!