If you’ve ever taken a stroll through some of the most popular shopping centers in Atlanta, you’ve likely seen many security guards.  At first glance, it may seem like these uniformed guards are simply keeping the peace; while this is a part of what they do, they are also essential in a host of ways.  Take today to thank the guards around you – their jobs are more important than you think.

Jobs for Atlanta

Aside from the usual rhetoric surrounding the necessity of jobs in the workforce, it’s very clear that security companies are uniquely positioned to offer jobs to civilians who need them.  The majority of security guards receive on-the-job training, provided by the company they work for.  This means that non-degree holders and applicants with related experience – like veterans – are perfectly suited to be security guards.  With the state of our Atlanta workforce, it’s important that there are jobs like these available.

Anti-Terrorism Services

It’s quite impossible for the state and local police force to be everywhere at all times.  For large events that have high attendance, terrorism is usually a potential threat.  By placing security guards amongst crowds, there is a better chance of recognizing and circumventing risks.  In addition, trained security guards are able to handle some threats while the local police force is being called to the scene.  Security personnel offers critical services for situations in which it may take several minutes for law enforcement to arrive.

Protect Kids

With the intense rise in school shootings and other violent outbreaks, most schools have opted to keep a police officer on site.  However, for large buildings, it’s not effective to have just one security officer.  This is where trained security guards can be employed to increase the safety for students, teachers, and staff.  Here at CDI Protection, we train our employees to be able to handle a multitude of situations, including emergencies involving children.

Deter Vandalism

Vandalism mostly occurs in locations with low visibility at certain times of the day, like the wall in the alley behind your business, for example.  Since the defacing of private property can have an effect on your company’s image, it makes sense that you would want to protect your grounds from vandalism – whether it be damaged windows or spray-art.  Place security guards on-site to make up for the visibility that you lack; the mere presence of security personnel will reduce the likelihood of vandals making attempts at your property.

Security Guards Augment Law Enforcement

There are very few counties in our nation that have a sufficient police force to keep up with crime and emergency situations.  We’re not going to overstep and say that security guards are on-par with local law enforcement, but we do know that the atmosphere of authority that guards bring with them is comparable to the presence of a police officer.  According to Paul R. Zimmerman in a 2013 paper, “it is well understood that private security efforts could either deter or displace crime depending on whether the investment is observable to potential offenders.”

In situations where it might be difficult or inefficient to maintain police forces at a location, security guards are a great solution.  These trained guards fill essential services for our Atlanta businesses, schools, and events.  Next time you see security personnel, thank them for everything they do to help keep us safe.  To read more about the essential services that our guards at CDI Protection provide, take a look at our blog!