Residential Security Services For Atlanta Apartments, Condominiums, Housing Developments, And Senior Communities.

If you are a property manager, housing association member or senior community executive director who is in need of a tenured and trained team of residential security officers—look no further than CDI Protection. We have over 19 years’ experience in security, military, and law enforcement—which we will use to create a custom-tailored security plan for your Atlanta-area residential community.

We Keep Your Tenants Safe and Your Building Secure

We provide the peace of mind your residents and tenants desire by implementing an added layer of security and surveillance. This helps to reduce risk, theft, vandalism, loitering, and break-ins. Our team is polite and professional, while simultaneously ensuring that your building or residential community security plan is followed without exception.

We are happy to follow your pre-existing residential security plan or tailor a plan on your behalf. Our team is available for round the clock or after-hours security and surveillance, throughout your perimeter, parking lots, entrances, exits, and community-wide. This includes managing emergency responses and controlled access protocols such as ID and badges for all visitors and guests. Even if you aren’t sure what you need, we will help you to devise a plan that will give your built-in security a boost.