We all know the COVID drill by now: six feet apart, wear a mask, wash your hands often, don’t go out if you’re sick.  However, there are still some daredevils out there that try to bend the rules.  When the likelihood of non-compliance is high, your Atlanta business may want to consider hiring private security guards to enforce the rules.  Some companies might not think that they could benefit from additional security, but CDI Protection’s personnel are more than just security guards.  We train and employ de-escalation specialists and emergency-ready guards that might make a difference in difficult situations.

Stop the Spread of COVID

While most citizens are content with complying, some of your customers will simply refuse to listen to staff members when it comes to masks and other precautions.  It’s longstanding knowledge that the mere presence of uniformed security guards reduces crime rates and increases policy compliance.  Since the safety of customers and employees is on the line, compliance to both state and individual company policies is incredibly important.  CDI Protection’s security guards can help you enforce your risk-reduction strategies.

When to Hire Security Guards

From supermarkets to COVID-testing locations, the six-foot rule still applies.  Even in outdoor areas, it’s best to air on the side of caution and keep the mask on.  Unfortunately, many people are disregarding these safety precautions for their own personal comfort.  When the unapproving word of your staff members isn’t enough, a security guard will likely be able to diffuse the situation.  People tend to avoid confrontation; if your customers know that they will be called out, they are more likely to follow procedures.

Atlanta Hospitals

You would think that hospitals would be locations with the highest compliance rates.  For some healthcare providers, this is the case; however, sites with high intake rates or high numbers of patients might have a hard time enforcing the six-foot rule.  In these situations, it would be extremely beneficial to have an outside observer.  Security guards can serve as a neutral third party, passively increasing pressure to comply with standards.  Our personnel can also get involved, politely (or firmly) requesting that customers adhere to policies.

In addition to the enforcement of state and individual Atlanta businesses’ guidelines, our security guards can also help prevent profit losses, vandalism, and other disastrous situations that could have an impact on your revenue or company image.  To learn more about the benefits of hiring a private security detail in Atlanta, contact us today.