Unfortunately, active shooter threats have become a reality for schools, businesses, and other locations across the country. Additionally, according to the FBI, over 60% of active shooter threats end before law enforcement even arrives at the scene – for good reasons. Preparedness is critical to the safety of your employees, clients, and inventory. What kinds of things can your Atlanta small business do to be prepared for any threat.

Five Practical Tips for Active Shooter Preparedness

#1: Create a Plan

The first thing you should do is have a plan for what to do if a shooter threat occurs. It can be helpful to map out paths to exits and know how to minimize the shooter’s ability to reach areas of the building once entered. 

#2: Brief Everyone

Once a plan has been created, everyone needs to know about it. Having a plan of action won’t be useful if no one knows what to do in an emergency. It may be best to train a few team members in CPR or first aid, that way someone will be able to address minor injuries before paramedics arrive on the scene. It may also be in your best interest to train someone in de-escalation tactics, especially if the area around your business sees a lot of crime.

#3: Have a Trump Card

Depending on your business’s stance on weapons and other defense strategies, you may want to have a supply of pepper spray, non-lethal ammunition, and other means for self-protection. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to how you’d like to protect your business and those within it; just follow the laws for your area.

#4: Hire On-Site Security in Atlanta

Here at CDI Protection, we believe that trained security guards can help deter crimes and shootings. Our security guards are briefed in handling emergency situations so that they can help your business with whatever issues arise. When you hire on-site security, it integrates into your existing plans, just make sure the hired guards have been briefed on your specific plans, as well.

#5: Have a Plan of Action for After

Being prepared for the threat itself is only part of the story. If your business, its employees, and some customers are involved in an active shooter threat, there will likely need to be some follow-up. Checking in with employees to make sure they are recovering and receiving the counseling they need is imperative

Hopefully, you will never have to put these tips into action (although we do still recommend that you hire security guards), but it’s best to be prepared for anything than to be unprepared when it matters.