It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you book your hotel room, or it may be high on your list of priorities. But what questions should you ask before you book a hotel room to help determine how secure it is? And how can you improve safety when you arrive? Ensure your accommodations have digital and live hotel and motel security services, but also consider the factors below.

Where In The Hotel Should You Stay?
If security is of big concern, don’t book in walk-up hotels with exterior-only entrances—that is unless you are in a tropical destination where even the 4 and 5-star hotels are walkup only. However, here in Atlanta most hotels are accessed through a lobby or parking garage. Don’t book on the ground floor as those are the floors that are easiest for the general public to access. In fact, anything above the fifth floor and not adjacent to the elevator or stairwell is proven to be safer.

What Type Of Room Key?
Electronic locks with an inside deadbolt and a peephole are the industry standard. If you lose your keycard, be sure to request not just a new keycard—but a new key code. Take your key out of the sleeved with your room number as it advertises where you are staying. If traveling solo or if security is of higher concern, when you place your reservation request that the hotel does not state your room number or suite aloud while checking in. Also, ensure that you know how to lock your windows, adjoining doors, and sliding doors.

Who To Let In Your Room?
If you are only staying for a night or two, you can probably get away without maid service. Just pop the Do Not Disturb sign on your door and if anyone knocks unannounced call the front desk to confirm if they are who they say they are. Other than that, expect laundry service or room service. If maintenance or deliveries are made the front desk will call first.

Take Advantage Of Valet Services
Parking garages are an increased security risk. If your hotel has valet parking you can avoid the parking garage. At least utilize the valet at night, and when you are unpacking and packing your luggage.

If you are staying in Atlanta and require security while out and about town, or while at your hotel—CDI Protection can provide you with armed or unarmed security guards.  If you own or operate a hotel in the Atlanta area and are looking to improve your security, reach out to the team at CDI Protection to discuss how we can improve your hotel or motel security services.