While it’s commonly accepted that the presence of security guards can help increase policy compliance for businesses, it’s easy to wonder why.  According to a 2017 study, “…security guards prevent a wide range of criminal activities from taking place; they lead to the detection of notifiable offenses; and they can manage initial crime scenes.”  How, then, are security guards reducing crime, and how can your Atlanta business leverage this intriguing fact?

24-Hour Eyes for Atlanta Businesses

Many companies in this amazing city employ the use of security cameras which record footage during all hours.  While this is usually a good system, it’s most effective when coupled with real eyes and a mind trained for the job.  Rather than sifting through endless footage to prove something you have suspicions about, ask your hired security guards to look for signs and examples of non-compliance.  Simply brief your CDI team on company processes and procedures and they will inform you if anything appears out of the ordinary!

They Are Outsiders

Our highly-trained security personnel has no vested interest in your employees or operations that would cause them to overlook policy non-compliance.  While managers, team leads, and mentors may be willing to let things slide for their favorite team members, security guards simply draw the line where you say to.  You can decide what kinds of actions should be taken in these circumstances – our security guards can react however you’d like in your efforts to maintain policy compliance.

Security Guards are Uniformed

This is, perhaps, the factor that carries the most weight.  Uniformed figures often represent seniority and authority; most sensible citizens will adhere strictly to set rules while under the watchful eye of personnel in uniform.  At CDI Security, we have designed our uniforms with this in mind, all while maintaining notable differences from state and local law enforcement uniforms.  It is incredibly important to us that your clients and employees are able to spot and recognize our security guards – especially in an emergency situation.

We Know Compliance
We’ve been doing this for a while; with each security detail, our professionally-trained security guards learn more and more about your Atlanta business.  As you continue to use our services for your daily operations, overnight patrol, events, and more, our team members will become a recognizable part of your staff.  This creates a level of comfort between your employees and our guards, in the hope that policy compliance will become and remain second-nature.

Even after your compliance issues have disappeared, we recommend that you maintain your security detail.  As we’ve already discussed, that uniform can protect your company, its employees, and its clients from a host of negative circumstances.  To learn more about our security details, visit the CDI Protection blog.