While businesses in and around Metro Atlanta may be looking to hire security guards to increase the safety of their buildings and residential areas, to overlook educational institutions would be a severe oversight. So many schools and campuses have been targeted for crime and shootings; it just makes sense to hire campus security guards to add to the security detail that you already have in place – especially as COVID-19 restrictions start to loosen and we see more people in public. Let’s take a look at how school security guards can help keep your campus safe!

Security Guards Can Mitigate Physical Threats

The best, most technologically advanced security system lacks one simple thing: a physical body. When it comes right down to it, your campus may not have the time to wait for trained public officers to arrive at the scene. Since an automated system can only call for help or alert you to a problem, there’s a middleman that must be engaged. With a campus security detail, trained professionals are available at the exact moment they are needed; the 911 call will still be made, but someone will be there to de-escalate in the meantime.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Since access to systems and entryways can be forced, it can be extremely helpful to post security guards at entrances to your campus. School security guards can deter unauthorized access by personnel who do not have the proper clearance. Additionally, our guards are trained in de-escalation and the mitigation of threats to help keep emergencies outside of your campus and away from innocent students.

Campus Security Guards Can’t Be Hacked
If your school or campus has valuable laboratory equipment, exercise equipment, or computer hardware, it’s a good idea to protect those things. Unfortunately, cameras won’t always deter criminals from theft or other crimes – and technology can be hacked. Physical security guards can not only detect issues but also prevent them from escalating.

The Presence of Security Guards Decreases Incidents
Many crimes will be deterred by the presence of dedicated security guards; after all, most criminals don’t want to get caught. Here at CDI Protection, however, we don’t rely solely on the uniform. In order to maintain high standards and real-life protection for your students and staff, our security guards are trained to the highest standards. We brief each guard in de-escalation, mitigation of incidents, and the protection of others in the face of danger. Our security guards might play a passive role in your campus security, but they are prepared for more – if necessary.

Immediate Response
Campus crime may always be a struggle to prevent, but by having posted security details, you can help minimize its effects on your students. With dedicated campus security guards, threats can be detected immediately and help can be summoned; even in the middle of the night when it is dark.

Security Guard Services in Atlanta

Don’t take the risk: protect your staff, protect your students, hire guards for your educational institution in Atlanta. Here at CDI Protection, we know how important your campus and its attendees are to you; we also know that you have a budget to maintain without decreasing the amount you spend on your students’ education. Call us for a free, no-obligation consultation today.