More than ten percent of all property crimes occur in parking lots, according to Hernandez Law Group, P.C.. When we consider that parking lot crimes could easily be prevented with an adequate security presence, ten percent is a massive statistic. What kind of parking lot do you need to protect?

Different Kinds of Parking Lots in Atlanta

Commercial Parking
Located outside of businesses and service buildings, most commercial parking is free for clients and customers. Unless your business’s commercial parking lot is obscured from public view, the potential for crime is low – that doesn’t necessarily mean it will never happen. Keep in mind that you can potentially be sued for incidents that occur on your property, including parking lots.

Residential Parking
Condos, apartment buildings, and townhouse complexes often share a large parking lot or garage. Parking for residents may be included in the monthly rent or added onto it, depending on how many spaces a resident needs. Much like with commercial parking, the lot is owned by you – the landlord. Therefore, you are responsible for what goes on within it.

Separate, Paid Parking
Some larger cities and attractions (like beaches) have dedicated, paid parking lots and garages. However, just because visitors are paying for access to the lot doesn’t mean that they pose no threats. In fact, the premium price that a visitor pays may be put towards lot or garage security; visitors will feel that their vehicles and belongings are safer.

Why Does My Atlanta Lot Need Parking Security?

Crime Deterrence
As we hinted above, a parking space that is on your owned or leased land is your responsibility to maintain and protect. Sometimes, strategically placed security cameras are enough to deter crime, but some lots and garages really will benefit from highly-trained, professional security guards.

Creating a Safe Environment
Whether you manage a residential complex, run a business, or simply seized the opportunity to build a parking garage in a desirable location, you are responsible for the safety of your visitors. Dedicated security personnel can help ensure that lot rules are being followed and no crime is ocurring. When you hire security guards for your parking lot or garage, your actions tell clients, residents, and visitors that you value their safety.

Hiring Parking Lot Security in Atlanta
Here in Atlanta, we live in a large city; this means fighting for parking spaces and hoping that we can park somewhere safe amidst higher than state average property crime rates. Atlanta businesses are highly recommended to consider private security measures amidst rising crime rates. Reach out to the professionals at CDI Protection to hire a security detail for your parking lot or garage today!