Owning and operating a business in Atlanta is an exciting job, but a job that requires incredible responsibility. Due to a growing influx of crime and theft, and an overall demand for proprietary security measures—many Atlanta businesses are in need of properly-trained security officers. CDI Protection provides the ongoing, as-needed, and emergency response security detail that you require.

Why Choose CDI Protection?

Not only do we stay on top of the latest security trends, but we have over 19 years’ experience working in law enforcement, the military, and private security. By hiring our experienced and knowledgeable security officers, you can sleep better at night, safe in the knowledge that CDI Protection is on the job.

Custom Security And Surveillance

If you already have a security plan in place, we will deploy our armed and unarmed guards to carry out and ensure the enforcement of your rules and procedures. However, we are also available to assess, design, and implement a custom-tailored security plan. This may include any combination of uniformed security guards, marked patrolled vehicles, and discreet security professionals.

Ongoing Or As-Needed Business And Special Event Security

Some Atlanta business owners require daily, after hours, or 24-hour security, but we understand that your security needs may vary. This is why we provide flexible security solutions for your ongoing, as-needed, and special event security. We can do everything from assisting patrons and guests to traffic and parking enforcement, front entrance security, maintaining security on premises, private investigations, and comprehensive risk prevention plans.

On-Call Emergency Security

Any proactive security plan has a go-to emergency response team they can rely on—CDI Protection is that team! We understand that security needs can arise at the last minute, or are required immediately after an accident or incident. Dispatch our on-call team for all emergency response surveillance and security.

Security Details For Every Industry

Limiting the risk of crime is our goal, which is why we provide our protection services to absolutely any industry in the ATL area. We secure executive buildings, apartments, senior centers, condominiums, strip malls, convenience stores, individual retailers, hotels, construction sites, individual employees, and more!

Your business is too vital to trust with anything other than tenured and properly trained security officers. If you are looking for the best security services in the ATL area—look no further than CDI Protection.

Call today on 404-454-6078 for your free security service quote.