When mapping out the security plan for your construction site one of the things you will need to decide is whether security cameras are enough to keep your site safe. Theft and vandalism of both centralized and remote sites are at an all-time high. That means you must balance reducing your risk while maintaining your budget. Here are some things to keep in mind when mapping out your construction and building security.

24 Hour Security Is A Must
Having a remote security team who monitors your cameras can be helpful, but it is unlikely that it will be sufficient for 24 hours security. For example, cameras are an excellent way to monitor your worksite during regular business hours while your construction team is on-site—particularly in the more remote areas of your worksite. However, during the weekends, evenings and holidays a combination of cameras and guards—or just guards depending on the size of your site, should be enough.

Camera Surveillance Is Often Too Far Away
If you are tempted to rely on camera surveillance 24-hours a day, consider the logistics when things go wrong. In most cases, your off-site security team will just call you and the police. By the time you and the police arrive the theft or vandalism may have already been completed. This makes a live security team far more effective deterrent.

A Live Team Saves Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars
In the United States alone live security teams save construction sites hundreds of millions of dollars each year. This includes the cost of equipment theft, cleanup and repair of vandalism, and the loss of building materials and supplies.

There are many factors that affect your construction and security building budget, including the area you are building, size of the site, type of building materials, and how far along you are in the building process. Even with top of the line security gates, patrolling and guards can provide you with the increased security you need. Reach out to CDI Protection today to learn more!