An Added Layer of Security
for Your Atlanta Hotel Or Motel

While your customer service team is available to your guests 24 hours a day, their primary job is to ensure a comfortable stay. When it comes to safe and secure accommodation, leave that to the security professionals at CDI Protection. With over 19 years working in security, military, and law enforcement—we can create a comprehensive security plan that keeps your hotel and your residents safe.

Customized 24/7 & Special Event Hotel Security

CDI Protection provides hotels and motels with an added layer of security. We are available for daily protection, as additional security required for your high-profile guests, and as on-call emergency deployment. We work directly with your management team to create and adjust your security detail to ensure that it meets the needs of your daily, peak season, and special event security needs. Your plan can be increased at any time to meet the needs of high-profile guests or last-minute security needs.

Our team can be scheduled during all business hours for surveillance and compliance, or just for added after-hours security. We will secure any combination of the perimeter, parking structures, entrances, exits, and building interior—as well as any security required for your on-site special events. Our presence provides peace of mind for your guests, as well as your employees.