In the business world, there are a multitude of external factors that can affect your yearly profits.  Unfortunately, not all of those factors are related to normal fluctuation in business; some profit loss is a result of theft, fraud, and damage to your products and services.  Since these losses are usually driven by on-site issues, many Atlanta companies find it extremely helpful to employ security guards that can intervene and prevent issues from arising.

Security Guards Can Prevent Product Damage

When your inventory gets damaged, that creates a direct profit loss.  Regardless of how the products could get destroyed – by improper handling, storage inadequacies, or intentional damage – our team of trained security guards can help identify issues before they become a problem.  Our professionals will keep a watchful eye on your product inventory and report on any potential security threats; after all, your products are your real money-maker!

Theft by Employees: Atlanta Isn’t Immune

“Essentially, the three elements of the Fraud Triangle are: Opportunity, Pressure (also known as incentive or motivation) and Rationalization (sometimes called justification or attitude). For fraud to occur, all three elements must be present.”

Sometimes, the very people you trust to help you run your business are stealing from right under your nose.  Unfortunately, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ (ACFE) 2012 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, any given corporation loses approximately 5% of its revenues to fraud.  In addition, most fraudulent employee activity goes unnoticed for an average of 18 months – plenty of time to cause a great deal of profit loss for your Atlanta business.

At CDI Protection, we know that your employees are a likely source of reduced cash flow.  Our security guards know how to reduce the opportunity for employee theft, but you should also take your own, internal precautionary measures.

Profit Loss through Vendor Fraud

If it wasn’t disastrous enough, employees aren’t the only ones stealing from companies.  According to RSM, vendor fraud is another way a company might see a loss in profits; this type of fraud “generally falls into three categories: billing schemes, check tampering schemes, and bribery or extortion schemes.  The companies you source your products and precursor from can, at any point in a sale, inflate prices or use your billing information to steal funds.

While there are several methods vendors and employees can use to steal from you, having security guards on-site for deliveries and other events can be a major deterrent.  Here at CDI Protection, our highly-trained professionals can help you keep an eye on everything.  We’ll help you make sure invoices get signed, products don’t go missing, and maintain an overall atmosphere of security and safety.  Contact our team for a free consultation today!